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Everyone loves
a good book.

a good book can celebrate

a good book can say thank you

a good book can inspire

Good books are what we do.

The Rhubarb Press


The Rhubarb Press produces beautiful books for ambitious brands and enterprising organisations. An experienced team of creative professionals – designers, writers, photographers, illustrators and editors – we are committed to helping our clients showcase their success, celebrate their relationships and extend their reach.

About us

With a combined 50 years’ experience in illustrated print publishing, the team at Rhubarb Press knows how to listen to your story and play it out beautifully – in words and pictures – on the pages of a book. We believe that books are both the perfect keepsakes and the ultimate statements of success. They can look backward to celebrate and forward to inspire.

Rhubarb Press is an imprint of Touchpoint Design, with the same, established values of quality in design and excellence in writing. We know how to listen to what you want to say and convey it in a way that will capture your readership and cement your place in your industry. Let us create something beautiful to bring your story to life.

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